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March 14th, 2013

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Alice Ferguson and Amy Rose of Playing Out, speaking at GreenTalk 2011

Lessons from GreenTalk – Tips on running live, TEDâ„¢-style events

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In June 2011 CWL produced GreenTalk as part of what is now Bristol’s Big Green Week. The idea was to present environmental issues in a new and engaging way through an evening of short, sometimes very short, talks on a range of environmental topics, under the headings of climate, energy, and the natural world. These were filmed before a live audience and then made available for free on-line. Read more

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March 12th, 2013

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Marshfield Energy Project - Walking House outside Marshfield Primary School

Walking home with the real village people. An effective way to get people talking about energy efficiency

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In 2011/12 we worked with the village of Marshfield in South Gloucestershire on a community energy project (Marshfield Energy Project) funded by the Local Energy Assessment Fund (LEAF).

As ever the question was how do you get people interested in energy efficiency which is decidedly unsexy, and often viewed as being difficult and dull at best.

Working with local artist Scott Farlow, Arabella Tresilian and Matthew Hemson of the Therapeutic Media Company came up with an original and creative idea to get people talking about energy efficiency. Read more

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