Our team

Our team at Climate Works includes staff and associates. Our associates bring skills and experience across a range of disciplines, as well as detailed knowledge and understanding in specific areas.

Mark Letcher

Mark Letcher – Director

I am the founder and Managing Director of Climate Works Ltd and have worked in the field of sustainable energy and climate change for over 20 years.

What enthused me then and still does today is helping clients to make sense of energy and climate change, to use less energy, and to reduce reliance on and pollution from fossil fuels. And at the same time coping with the direct and indirect impacts of pollution on the climate system.

We are back in a period of rising energy prices which look set to continue over the next decade. That will have serious impacts on the cost of living for individuals and households and the cost of running businesses, community organizations and public sector bodies. So despite the prolonged recession, reducing exposure to rising energy costs is more not less pressing than it was before.

Over the last 20 years I have been fortunate to develop and manage a variety of technical and non-technical projects including work on energy efficiency, renewable energy, the built environment and energy and climate policy. What particularly interests me is bringing technical and behavioural approaches together as it is often more effective than an either-or approach.

I also write, develop and deliver training courses on a range of topics including “Getting on Top of Energy Costs”, low and zero carbon buildings and renewable energy and lecture on the topics of climate change, energy and how we communicate and share information on these issues.

I hold a BSc (Hons) in Applied Physics, and MSc in Environmental Resources. I am a member of the Energy Institute and registered Code for Sustainable Homes and EcoHomes Assessor, and qualified NHER Plan Assessor.

I am also a director of Woodsure which is developing quality standards for UK woodfuel.

I sit on the steering group of Bristol’s Green Capital Partnership and am the Vice Chair of Operation Noah.

Liz Vosper

Liz Vosper – Manager

I started my career in a completely different field, that of psychiatry, working as a psychiatric nurse. Though on the face of it this has little to do with energy and climate change, the way in which we understand and process complex and challenging issues such as these is getting more not less important so it has turned out to be a useful preparation for this work.

I have worked with Climate Works since it was set up in 2007 and my role is to manage the finances and administration of the company. But as a trained facilitator I also assist with the preparation, and delivery of training courses, seminars and workshops when needed.

One of the big changes that has occurred over the six years is that I find people are much more aware of the variability in the weather and much less likely to put this down to “natural” occurrences or to accept an official line that somehow we will just muddle through. But it remains a difficult issue to talk about without leaving people confused or fearful. It’s one of the challenges which makes this area of work so interesting.