Posts by Mark Letcher

E.ON splits brand to focus on renewables & energy efficiency

Is E.ON’s move market repositioning or an indication of a more fundamental response to growing pressure on the fossil fuel sector? Read more

Gov’t funding for urban community r.e. projects

The Government has launched the Urban Community Energy Fund (UCEF). With a £10m pot the fund is intended to kick-start renewable energy generation projects in urban communities across England. Read more

Urban Community Energy Fund – briefing for Churches & church groups

The Urban Community Energy Fund (UCEF) offers community groups, which include Churches and Church groups, access to grants and loans to support renewable energy projects. We’ve put together a briefing on how the fund works, and how to apply. Read more

The Fuel Poverty Strategy – is Government serious about eradicating cold homes?

On the basis of its latest fuel poverty strategy it’s unclear if the Government is genuine about tackling fuel poverty in the UK. Read more

UK Government introduces ESOS (Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme)

How will it work, who does it cover and how does it fit the energy and carbon efficiency regulations for affecting business? Read more

Zero carbon building – 30 years easier than it sounds


Homes constructed by Salford Council more than 30 years ago, and using conventional construction techniques come close to the 2016 ‘zero carbon’ standard. Here’s how.  Read more

Thermal mass – flipping marvellous

Used in combination with insulation and controlled ventilation, thermal mass is one of the keys to achieving really low energy buildings. Read more

Facilitation and development planning for Bristol Green Capital Action Groups

A project working with Action Groups within Bristol’s Green Capital Partnership, to facilitate a series of workshops and assist them with development planning. Read more

Is reciprocal assistance the key to cutting energy costs in the public sector & businesses?

New approaches to marketing suggest there may be better ways of raising energy awareness amongst staff and cutting energy costs. Read more

Community energy – 4 starters for 10

Communities across the UK are considering how they can take control and ownership of local energy generation. Here are four key questions to consider at the outset. Read more