EnergyMap adds shape and colour to Local Authority energy data

January 23rd, 2015 by

EnergyMap, a new, free, app should assist LA’s to plan energy efficiency expenditure with greater certainty. 

Just released the app should make it easier for local authorities to explore energy use in their region, compare consumption patterns and costs between neighbourhoods and with other LA’s and prioritise expenditure on energy efficiency and renewable energy.


EnergyMap allows Local Authorities to drill down through their data to compare neighbourhoods & their performance with that of other local authorities

EnergyMap developed by Tom Stedall and Tim Barker and released as a free application by the Converging World allows users to process publicly available energy data into multilayered maps, and to drill down to low level regions (1000-3000 population).Energy Map screen shots 22-01-2015.002

It draws on a range of datasets to show domestic energy use for gas and electricity by regions, households, and per person.

With historic usage data running back to 2008 EnergyMap can be used to graph trends in local energy consumption and costs. Data for any Local Authority in the England can be processed by EnergyMap and exported as CSV files for further processing and analysis.

A key feature of EnergyMap is that it can be used to make comparisons between different local authorities allow comparison between differing approaches to targeting energy efficiency and fuel poverty and evaluate options for working across regions.

With budgets set to become more constrained, EnergyMap should assist local authorities to decide how to allocate limited financial resources and time to achieve the greatest impact.

Further resources

EnergyMap can be accessed here.

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