CWL Award

The CWL Working Climate Award is about highlighting, publicizing and celebrating the best ideas, practice and contributions to cutting energy demand, pollution from fossil fuels, tackling fuel poverty and the direct and indirect impacts of a changing climate. In short it’s about solutions rather than problems.

We are looking for individuals, and organizations who are taking the initiative, and getting on and doing something now rather than waiting for others to take the lead.

We’ll be making six awards a year starting in July 2013. You can nominate others or even yourself now using the form below.

There is no cash prize, and no weekend return to Sydney but there is a certificate and website logo and the satisfaction of knowing your idea has been recognized as worth celebrating and sharing.

We look forward to receiving your nominations.

Mr Surfy Featured Image cropped 23-10-2013.001

Cornish micro-business shows the wave

From a stunning location in Cornwall a micro-business shows how to combine great food with smart, low impact ways of dealing with energy and waste.

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