Latest training courses, business planning and facilitation

We run courses open to all and in-house courses for companies and organizations. We also run bespoke courses and are pleased to tailor content to the specific needs and requirements of organizations.

Please feel free to contact us for further information about any of our training courses, workshops or for assistance with facilitation or business planning.


Self-heating and self-cooling building

An introduction to self-heating and self-cooling buildings

A one-day course on designing, developing and building low and zero carbon buildings using the principles of passive heating and cooling.

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Planning for zero carbon development

Planning for Zero Carbon Development

A one-day course on writing and implementing planning policy on zero carbon buildings.

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Business Energy Costs - why invest now

Managing SME energy bills - business briefings

Business briefings which can be run as breakfast or lunchtime sessions for SME’s who want to get on top of rising energy bills but don’t have a lot of time to put to this.

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Get on top of your energy bills

Get on top of your energy bills - community organizations

Half-day courses for community organizations on how to get on top of your energy bills and put in place a three point plan to keep energy costs down, while keeping buildings comfortable and affordable to use.

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Business planning

Business planning and facilitation

Workshop planning, preparation and facilitation, and business planning.

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