Facilitation and development planning for Bristol Green Capital Action Groups

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A project working with Action Groups within Bristol’s Green Capital Partnership, to facilitate a series of workshops and assist them with development planning.


Bristol Green Capital Partnership Action Groups.


January 2014 – Date.

What is the project about?

Since it was announced that Bristol would be European Green Capital in 2015, we’ve been working to support the Action Groups at the heart of the Bristol Green Capital Partnership.

As the number of groups, and their membership has grown so too has their role, and ambition. We have been working alongside a number of the groups to help them work out what their objectives, role within the Partnership, and the scope of their work and to plan their activities.

Bristol Green Capital Partnership

Bristol Green Capital Partnership has grown rapidly since Bristol was made European Green Capital 2015

What is the approach?

The first step has been to sit down the groups and work out how we could assist them. In most cases this has been by planning and facilitating one or more workshops. The details and nature of the workshops have varied according to the needs of each group.


A series of workshops, with follow-up reports and plan of action.

Lessons drawn from this project:

This project has confirmed our experience from other projects. The clearer participants are about what they want to get from the workshop the more useful the outputs will be and the stronger the outcome.


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