Preparation of a business plan for the Green Deal and ECO

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Preparation of a business plan for the development of the Green Deal and ECO in three local council areas, following interviews and consultation workshops with stakeholders.

Client & funders

Sedgemoor District Council, West Somerset Council, Taunton Deane Borough Council.


Completed May 2013.

What was the project about?

The objective of this project was to produce a business plan for the continued development and roll-out of energy efficiency programmes under the Green Deal and ECO, in the three local council areas. This is in the context of rising energy costs, financial constants on local councils, and increasing numbers of households finding themselves in fuel poverty.

Improving the thermal efficiency of solid wall, terraced homes under the Green Deal and ECO

Insulating solid wall properties is one of key challenges for local councils under the Green Deal and ECO.

Methodology – how we approached this

We undertook a consultation exercise with a wide range of stakeholders with direct and indirect connections to the energy efficiency arena including managing agents (of affordable energy initiatives), welfare advisors, local council officers, landlords, contractors, installers, and training colleges. Stakeholders were invited to take part in semi-structured phone interviews and two facilitated workshops.

Drawing on the results of the consultation exercise we produced a draft business plan for comment by the project partners, before producing a Business Plan, and Action Plan for approval by each of the local council partners.

Key findings

  • We found stakeholders to be apprehensive about the transition from grant funded energy efficiency programmes to the Green Deal and ECO.
  • There was concern that if installation rates for basic energy efficiency measures fall, lower income households will be particularly vulnerable to rising energy costs and levels of fuel poverty will increase above current trends.
  • The transition to the Green Deal and ECO needs to be kept as simple and flexible as possible to allow different funding and technical options to be adopted.
  • There is a key role for the third sector in helping to identify households eligible for ECO funding, and potentially in providing additional services under contract to a managing agent.
  • Enabling local businesses to get access to works under the Green Deal will not happen by default, but will require a proactive partnership approach. There potential benefits to local businesses if this can be made to happen are large.


The Business Plan, accompanying Action Plan and recommendations are now being considered by the three councils.


A project report, with conclusions and recommendations and Action Plan, which we hope will be available for download shortly.

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Environmental consultant, facilitator, founder & Director of Climate Works Ltd.