Who we work with

Business energy costs


Our business clients range from SMEs to large companies including not-for-profit companies and charities.

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Facilitation Group Exercise

Local councils

Our work with councils includes the development of policy, and gathering the evidence to support policy on areas such as energy efficiency and renewable energy in new and existing buildings, and climate change.

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Planning for Zero Carbon Development

Architects and developers

Our work with architects and developers includes advising on specific projects, such as the preparation of energy statements and how to meet carbon reduction targets, and Code for Sustainable Homes ratings, and providing the calculations to support these.

We also work with design teams to advise on how to use features such as built form, layout, orientation, and passive heating and cooling and renewable energy to reduce energy demand, reliance on fossil fuels and carbon emissions.

And we write and present training courses such as Towards Zero Carbon Development, specifically for architects and developers.

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Community energy training

Community organizations and NGOs

Rising energy costs present a real challenge for community organizations and NGOs; how to deal with a growing bottom-line cost at a time of economic recession?

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University of the West of England

Schools colleges and universities

Our work with schools, colleges and universities includes projects to examine why some energy efficiency and carbon reduction initiatives work and others fail.

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