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Our work with architects and developers includes advising on specific projects, such as the preparation of energy statements and how to meet carbon reduction targets, and Code for Sustainable Homes ratings, and providing the calculations to support these.

We also work with design teams to advise on how to use features such as built form, layout, orientation, and passive heating and cooling and renewable energy to reduce energy demand, reliance on fossil fuels and carbon emissions.

And we write and present training courses such as Towards Zero Carbon Development, specifically for architects and developers.

Recent Case Study

Design advice for a new off-gas, visitor and eduction centre

The ruins at Weoley Castle in Birmingham are over 700 years old and are the remains of the moated medieval manor house that once stood here. Today the site is a scheduled Ancient Monument of national importance. However, for 20 years the site suffered from vandalism and abuse which lead it to being placed on the English Heritage ‘at risk’ register.

When Birmingham Museums and Art Gallery decided to construct a new purpose made visitor and education centre as part of the rejuvenation of the site we were contacted by the architects to advise on the options for reducing energy demand and incorporating renewable energy into the building which is off the mains gas network.

A particular issue for this site was security. In terms of renewable energy this ruled out roof mounted PV and solar thermal as these would be too vulnerable on a single storey building.

Based on the design and planned usage of the building we were able to propose two renewable options for further consideration, a ground source heat pump which would provide potential for summer cooling, and a small wood pellet stove for space heating. The intermittent and low demand for hot water allowed for the use of point of use water heaters.

Weoley Castle

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